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Barry Manilow Las Vegas Reviews: What Fans are Saying about His Residency Shows


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Barry Manilow is a legendary singer, songwriter, and performer known for his timeless classics and chart-topping hits. He has been entertaining audiences for over Barry Manilow Las Vegas Reviews 50 years and has sold over 85 million records worldwide. Manilow has had a successful Las Vegas residency for several years, where he has performed in front of thousands of fans. In this article, we will take a look at Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas residency shows and what fans are saying about them.


Barry Manilow’s residency shows have been a staple in Las Vegas for years, and he has a massive following of fans who come from all over the world to see him perform. His shows are known for their high energy, elaborate staging, and of course, his classic hits. Fans are always eager to see Manilow perform and are never disappointed.

Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas Residency Shows

Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas residency shows have been held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino since 2018. The residency has been a huge success, with fans flocking to see Manilow perform his classic hits like “Mandy,” “Copacabana,” and “Can’t Smile Without You.” The show features elaborate staging, stunning visuals, and a full orchestra that adds to the excitement and energy of the performance.

The Setlist

One of the most important aspects of any concert is the setlist, and Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas shows do not disappoint. The setlist includes all of his classic hits, as well as some lesser-known songs that fans are sure to love. Some of the highlights of the setlist include “I Write the Songs,” “Looks Like We Made It,” and “Weekend in New England.”

The Venue

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is the perfect venue for Barry Manilow’s residency shows. The venue is large enough to accommodate a massive crowd, yet intimate enough to create an up-close and personal experience for fans. The theater features state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, which adds to the overall experience of the show.

The Audience

One of the best things about Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas shows is the audience. Fans come from all over the world to see him perform, and the energy in the room is electric. Fans sing along to every word of his classic hits and dance in the aisles to the high-energy performances. It’s an experience that fans will never forget.

What Fans are Saying about Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas Residency Shows

Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas residency shows have received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Fans have taken to social media to express their love and appreciation for the legendary performer.

Social Media Reviews

One fan wrote, “Just saw Barry Manilow in Las Vegas, and it was amazing! He sounded just as good as he did in the ’70s, and the energy in the room was electric.”

Another fan said, “Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas show was the highlight of our trip! We sang along to every song and danced the night away. It was an unforgettable experience!”

Critics Reviews

Critics have also praised Barry Manilow’s Las Vegas residency shows. The Las Vegas Review-Journal said, “Barry Manilow is a showman in the truest sense of the word. His Las Vegas residency shows are a must-see for any fan of his music.”

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