Big Name in Hotels NYT Crossword Clue: Explained

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If you are a fan of crossword puzzles, you might have come across the clue “big name in hotels nyt crossword clue” in the New York Times crossword. This clue is quite popular, and it has been used multiple times in the crossword. In this article, we will explore the answer to this clue and the history behind it.

The Answer to “Big Name in Hotels” Clue

The answer to the “Big Name in Hotels” clue is Hilton. Hilton is a multinational hospitality company that operates a chain of hotels and resorts around the world. The company was founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, and it has grown to become one of the biggest names in the hotel industry.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is the flagship brand of the Hilton company. It is a full-service hotel brand that offers a range of amenities and services to guests. Hilton Hotels & Resorts is known for its luxurious accommodations and top-notch service. The brand has over 500 hotels and resorts in over 80 countries around the world.

History of Hilton

Hilton was founded by Conrad Hilton, who was born in New Mexico in 1887. Conrad Hilton started his career in the hotel industry in 1919 when he bought his first hotel, the Mobley Hotel, in Cisco, Texas. Over the years, he acquired more hotels, and in 1946, he opened the first Hilton hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Hilton became a publicly traded company in 1948, and in 1954, it opened its first international hotel in Puerto Rico. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest hotel chains in the world, with over 6,500 properties in 119 countries.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is the loyalty program offered by Hilton. The program offers members a range of benefits, including free nights, room upgrades, and access to exclusive experiences. Members can earn points by staying at Hilton hotels or by using Hilton’s travel partners, such as airlines and rental car companies.

When it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, there are times when even the most seasoned puzzlers can get stumped on a clue. One such example is the clue “big name in hotels” which has appeared several times in the NYT crossword. If you are struggling to come up with the answer, fear not! We have compiled some tips and tricks to help you solve this crossword clue and others like it.

  1. Look for Contextual Clues One of the best ways to approach a crossword clue is to look for contextual clues in the surrounding clues. For example, if the clue before or after “big name in hotels” references a specific location or type of hotel, this may help narrow down your options. Additionally, if the clue falls within a particular theme or category, this may also provide useful context.
  2. Consider Synonyms and Related Terms When solving crossword puzzles, it is important to think beyond the exact phrasing of a clue. In the case of “big name in hotels,” there are several synonyms and related terms that may help lead you to the correct answer. For example, you may consider terms such as “hotel chain,” “lodging company,” or “resort group.”
  3. Think Outside the Box Sometimes the answer to a crossword clue may not be immediately obvious, and it may require thinking outside the box. For instance, the clue “big name in hotels” could refer to a person’s name, rather than a company or brand. In this case, you may consider the names of notable hoteliers, such as Conrad Hilton or Bill Marriott.
  4. Use Online Resources If you have tried all the above methods and are still struggling to solve the crossword clue, there are a variety of online resources that can help. One of the most popular is the Crossword Solver tool, which allows you to input the letters you have and generate potential answers based on those letters. Additionally, online forums and communities dedicated to crossword puzzle solving can provide valuable insights and strategies.

So, what is the answer to the “big name in hotels” NYT crossword clue? The most common answer is “Hyatt,” which is a well-known hotel chain with locations around the world. However, it is worth noting that the answer to a crossword clue can vary depending on the specific puzzle, so it is always important to consider the context and use a variety of strategies to arrive at the correct answer.

In conclusion, solving the “big name in hotels” NYT crossword clue (or any crossword clue, for that matter) requires a combination of context, creativity, and perseverance. By using the tips and tricks outlined above, you can improve your chances of solving even the most challenging clues and enjoy the satisfaction of completing the puzzle.


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