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What Percent is 3,500,000 of 5,300,000?


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Asking what percentage one number is of another is a common mathematical problem that people encounter. The question “3500000 is what percent of 5300000?” is an example of such a problem. In this article, we will discuss how to solve this problem and provide some examples of similar problems.

Understanding Percentages

Before we get into solving the problem at hand, let’s first understand what percentages are. Percentages are a way of expressing a fraction or a proportion as a number out of 100. For example, 50% means 50 out of 100 or 0.5 as a fraction. Percentages are used in many different fields, such as finance, statistics, and science, to name a few.

The Formula for Calculating Percentages

To calculate a percentage, you can use the following formula:

scssCopy code(Percentage / 100) = (Part / Whole)


  • Percentage is the unknown percentage we want to find
  • Part is the number we want to find the percentage of
  • Whole is the total amount

Solving the Problem

Now, let’s apply the formula to solve the problem at hand: “What percent is 3,500,000 of 5,300,000?”

scssCopy code(Percentage / 100) = (Part / Whole)
(Percentage / 100) = (3,500,000 / 5,300,000)
Percentage = (3,500,000 / 5,300,000) x 100
Percentage = 66.04%

Therefore, 3,500,000 is 66.04% of 5,300,000.

Examples of Similar Problems

Here are a few more examples of similar percentage problems:

Example 1: What is 20% of 150?

scssCopy code(Percentage / 100) = (Part / Whole)
(20 / 100) = (Part / 150)
Part = (20 / 100) x 150
Part = 30

Therefore, 20% of 150 is 30.

Example 2: If a store sells an item for $80, which is a 20% discount from the original price, what was the original price?

Let X be the original price:

scssCopy code(20 / 100) = (Discount / X)
Discount = (20 / 100) x X
X = Discount / (20 / 100)
X = $100

Therefore, the original price was $100.


Calculating percentages is a fundamental skill in mathematics that is used in many different fields. Understanding the formula and how to apply it can help you solve a wide range of problems, including the question “What percent is 3,500,000 of 5,300,000?” Remember to always check your work and make sure your answer makes sense in the context of the problem.

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